Recenze: Jas i Tma - Czernobog



Once again in the deep and wide nature of the internet, i discover a very interesting netlabel, with very creative musicians, its the Czech "Musicarin", among its artists I found one that aroused great interest, JAS I TMA, with the Czernobog single, that I think so far is the only release that dazzled the day light, hope it's not the only one to emerge in future... howsoever, this single with four tracks its great, like said the netlabel description:
 "Czernobog (Chernobog, Blackgod) is the traditional slavic name for the horned god of woods, mountains and rocks, which resides in chasms, caves and undergrowth and which possesses people gone astray in deep forest or those who have sidled away from the fireplace during Radjeni or Trebjeni. When this god leaps into one's body-mind-soul, then this one will never be the same. Especially when the possessed one was very divorced from its own wild nature. But that one, who would not be able to manage this transformation and who would try to exorcise Czernobog or even to rule over him, that one would fare off badly. Such one would either lose his or her way, or even become insane."
I was not insane to hear this record, but one thing I guarantee, is of high quality, with ritualistic incursions, a dark and sinister atmosphere, with electronic tribal militaristics rhythms smoothed through the music construction, that make a nice fusion of sounds. I don't know who are the guys behind this, but i loved it.

Release on 2010 by Musicarin label

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